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06 / 2012



Do you know any joke about Pernik?

It’s time to learn some and share it with your friends!

Vinkel is a tiny application gathering as many Pernik jokes, facts and images as you can imagine.

This application finds and presents every stuff related with the famous town – from real facts to the top funny jokes.
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Enjoy real life facts and jokes for Pernik!


  • Learn interesting facts about Pernik
  • Find a lot of funny images
  • Get the most funny jokes and share with friends

Supported Features

  • Pernik fact
  • Pernik jokes
  • Pernik memes
  • Pernik pictures
  • Fun
  • Free

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iOS & Android :: Initial Release
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So funny jokes collected in one application! Eva
I enjoy the most incredibly funny Pernik photos! Johnathan

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